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4th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Samuel Fowler b 1778
Married Christmas Frisby in 1799 at Essendine

3rd Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Annabella Ellen Fowler b 1807 in Langtoft

James Fowler b 1809 in Langloft
Married Mary Ann Meadows in 1832 at Langtoft

Charles Fowler b 1812 in Langtoft

2nd Generation Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Mary Ann Meadows b 1831 in Langtoft, daughter of Mary Ann

Samuel Fowler b 1833 in Langtoft
Married Sarah Newton in 1858 at Morton

Charles Fowler b 1835 in Morton
Married Alice Hanford Marvin in 1859 in Bourne District

Ann Fowler b 1838 in Morton

Edward Fowler b 1842 in Langtoft
Married Susannah Marvin in 1866 at Morton

Charlotte Fowler b 1846 in Bourne
Married Edward Pitts in 1863 at Morton

Matthew Fowler b 1847 in Bourne
Married Mary Jane Hodgkin in 1870 at Morton

Mary Ann Fowler b 1852 in Morton
Married John William Nightingale in 1871 in Bourne District

Jane Ann Fowler b 1854 in Morton
Married Isaac Wilson in 1874 at Morton

1st Generation Gt Gt Grandmother
Susanna Sarah Fowler b 1860 in Morton
Married George Wass in 1881 at Morton

Isobella Fowler b 1866 in Morton
Married William Inch Marvin in 1888 at Morton

John Edward Fowler b 1869 in Morton

Mary Ann Fowler b 1873 in Morton
Married Thomas Williams

John James Fowler b 1879 in Morton
Married Eliza Fowler in 1908 at Morton

Charles Fowler b 1880 in Morton