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3rd Generation Gt Gt Grandfather
John Challis 
b 1840 Walworth
Married Elizabeth Elsey in 1864 at Lambeth

2nd Generation Gt Grandfather
John William Challis b 1865 in Clapham

David Challis b 1867 in Clapham

Elizabeth A Challis b 1870 in Clapham

George Challis b 1873 in Clapham

Rachael Challis b 1875 in Clapham

Walter J Challis b 1877 in Clapham

Arthur Challis b 1880 in Clapham

Albert Edward Challis b 1883 at Clapham
Married Louisa Jane Jarvis in 1917 at The United Methdist Church, Battersea Park Road, Battersea

1st Generation Grandmother
Louisa Jane Challis b 1904 in Wandsworth
Married Morris George Nichols

Albert Edward Challis b 1906 in Wandsworth

Elizabeth Challis b 1907 in Wandsworth
Married Albert Stanley Muirhead

George William Challis b 1909 in Wandsworth

Kathleen May Challis b 1911 in Wandsworth
Married George Lovelace Cook

Harriett Florence Challis b 1913 in Wandsworth
Married Cyril Crawford in 1936 at St Paul’s Church, Battersea

Nellie Challis b 1917 in Wandsworth
Married James Inwood

Beatrice H Challis in Wandsworth
Married Thomas Davies

Irene Challis b 1923 in Wandsworth
Married Augustus Thomas Driver

Gladys Challis b 1927 in Wandsworth

Maisie Joyce Challis b 1930 in Wandsworth
Married Edwin William Arthur Tyler