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7th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Edward Marvin b 1695
Married Elizabeth (Surname unknown) in 1720 at Witham On The Hill

6th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Edward Marvin b 1721

Emanual Marvin b 1723
Married Alice Wilcox in 1749 at Witham On The Hill

John Marvin b 1730

5th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Edward Marvin b 1749

Emanual Marvin b 1750
Married Elizabeth Lank in 1774 at Morton

Elizabeth Marvin b 1752

Mary Marvin b 1755 in Morton

Ann Marvin b 1757 in Morton

Edward Marvin b 1760 in Morton

William Marvin b 1762 in Morton
Married Sarah Biddlecombe in 1785 at Morton

Mary Marvin b 1765 in Morton

John Marvin b 1768 in Morton
Married Ann Chapman in 1792 at Morton

4thGeneration Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
John Marvin b 1775 in Morton
Married Sarah Swift in 1808 at Deeping St James

Edward Marvin b 1778 in Morton

William Marvin b 1781 in Morton

Sarah Marvin b 1784 in Morton

Emanual Marvin b 1787 in Morton

Elizabeth Marvin b 1790 in Morton

3rd Generation Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Jane Marvin b 1810
Married Edward Andrews in 1843 at Morton

Sarah Marvin b 1813 in Deeping St James

Mary Marvin b 1813 in Deeping St James

Mary Ann Marvin b 1814 in Deeping St James

Joseph Marvin b 1819 in Morton
Married Ann Parker in 1842 at Morton

John Marvin b 1821 in Morton

Mathias Marvin b 1824 in Morton
Married Elizabeth Hinch in 1845 at Stoke Dry

2nd Generation Gt Gt Grandfather
William Hinch Marvin b 1846 in Morton

John Henry Marvin b 1848 in Morton
Married Mary Ann Pick in 1870 at Bourne

Caroline Mary Marvin b 1849 in Morton

Lucy Ann Marvin b 1851 in Morton

Jane Ann Marvin b 1854 in Morton

William Inch Marvin b 1856 in Morton
Married Isobella Fowler in 1888 at Morton

Frederick Marvin b 1859 in Morton

George Edwin marvin b 1861 in Morton

Alfred Marvin b 1864 in Morton

Joseph G Marvin b 1867 in Morton
Married Lucy Rollet in 1888 at Kilnhurst

Emmaline Marvin b 1868 in Morton

Elizabeth Matilda Marvin b 1870 in Morton

1st Generation Gt Grandmother
Susannah Sarah Fowler b 1888 in Morton

Elizabeth Marvin b 1894 in Morton
Married Walter William Hare in 1914 at Morton

Alice Lucy Marvin b 1896
Married Charles Grange in 1921 at Morton

Lucy Marvin b 1896 in Morton
Married George Woolsey

William Inch Marvin b 1900 in Morton
Married Lillian Irene Lovley in 1927 at Bourne Register Office

Isobella Marvin b 1904 in Morton
Married Frank Wilson in 1924 at Morton