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5th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
William Dean b 1771
Married Elizabeth surname unknown

4th Generation Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Charles Dean b 1825 in London
Married Emma Crown in 1843 at St James Church, Bermondsey

3rd Generation Gt Gt Grandfather
Emma Ann Dean b 1845 in St George, Southwark
Married Stephen Saunders in 1866 at Newington

Charles Dean b 1846 in St George, Southwark
Married Eliza Ann Dunkerton in 1866 at St Mary Magdaline, Peckham

John Crown Dean b 1849  in Southwark
Married Margarette Molyneux in 1869 at Newington

Ann Elizabeth Dean b 1850 in Newington
Married Louis Kossuth Martin in 1873 at St Saviour’s Southwarkk

Mary Ann Dean b 1853 in Newington
Married William Thomas Lowers in 1877 at St Saviour’s, Southwark
Jane Dean b 1856 in Southwark

Nancy Dean b 1856 in Southwark
Married John Reynolds in 1884 at St Saviour’s, Southwark

William Dean b 1859 in Southwark

Arthur Dean b 1860 in Southwark

Jessie Dean b 1862 in Southwark
Married James William Bowser in 1884 at St Saviour’s, Southwark

2nd Generation Gt Grandfather
Charles George Dean b 1868 in Southwark
Married Ellen Dawe in 1895 at Sheviock, Cornwall

William Arthur Dean b 1870 in Southwark

Eliza Ann Dean b 1871 in Southwark

Jessie Elizabeth Dean b 1872 in Southwark

Emily Dean b 1874 in Southwark

 b 1876 in Southwark
Married Eliza Mary Ann Eames in 1895 at Christchurch, Southwark

Mary Ann Dean b 1878 in Southwark

Elizabeth Emma Dean b 1880 in Newington

James Walter Dean b 1882 in Newington
Married Ethel Ada Milner Edkins in 1902 at Southwark

Alice Mae Dean b 1885 in Newington

1st Generation Grandmother
John Albert Dean b 1898 in Southwark

Charles Frederick Dean b 1899 in Southwark

Elizabeth Annie Dean b 1903 in Southwark

Millicent Alice Dean b 1905 in Southwark
Married William Thomas Hudd in 1925 Southwark

Henry William Dean b 1907 in Southwark
Married Rosina B Jebson in 1931 Southwark

Ivy Dorothy Dean b 1909 in Southwark

Emily Dean b 1910 in Southwark
Married Thomas King in 1931 Southwark

Jessie Dean b 1912 in Southwark
Married Arthur Edward Dobnor in 1933 Southwark

Kate Ellen Dean b 1916 in Southwark
Married Frederick Charles Haver in 1935 at St Peter’s Church, Southwark

John Philip Dean not John Charles Dean or John C Dean as detailed on the census. We have the Birth Certificate to confirm this.