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4th Generation Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
John Holmes b 1801 in Kirby
Married Martha Travis in 1822 at Rotherham

3rd Generation Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Thomas Holmes b 1823 in Treeton

John Holmes b 1825 in Attercliffe
Married Sarah Nicholson in 1845

William Holmes b 1831 in York

Henry Holmes b 1831 in York

Mary Holmes b 1833 in Stainborough

Charles Holmes b 1836 in Attercliffe

2nd Generation Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
Henry Holmes b 1846 in Sheffield

Alfred Holmes b 1848 in Dronfield

Samuel Holmes b 1851 in Attercliffe

Elizabeth Holmes b 1856 in Attercliffe

Charles Holmes b 1857 in Attercliffe
Married Mary Ann Barber Hall in 1878 at Sheffield District

Emily Holmes b 1860 in Attercliffe

John Holmes b 1863 in Attercliffe

Sarah Ann Holmes b 1865 in Attercliffe

Frederick Holmes b 1867 in Attercliffe

Walter Holmes b 1869 in Attercliffe

1st Generation Gt Gt Grandfather
Sarah Emma Holmes b 1879 in Attercliffe
Married John Henry Samson

Mary Eleanor Holmes b 1881 in Attercliffe
Married Pharus Benton in 1900

Alathea Holmes b 1883 in Attercliffe
Married George Roberts Benton in 1902

John Joseph Holmes b 1886 in Conisborough

Ada Holmes b 1888 in Conisborough
Married Goerge Oldfield

Ethel Holmes b 1890 in Conisborough
Married John Hirst Cheetham in 1908

Florence Holmes b 1891 in Conisborough
Married James Burdikin, Walter Bristow and Jerry Comins

Emily Holmes b 1894 in Conisborough
Married James Whitney in 1917 at Lincoln

Christobel Holmes b 1897 in Conisborough
Married Raymond Arthur Lee in 1918 at Lincoln